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Enamel Boxes
Annual Editions collection with 5 products
Annual Editions 5 products 1 Like  
Message & Occasion Boxes collection with 26 products
Message & Occasion Boxes 26 products 5 Likes  
Iconic America Enamels collection with 10 products
Iconic America Enamels 10 products 1 Like  
Antler Trellis collection with 29 products
Antler Trellis 2 Collections 29 products  
Aragon collection with 13 products
Aragon 13 products    
Al Fresco collection with 23 products
Al Fresco 23 products 3 Likes  
Candles collection with 10 products
Candles 10 products    
Iconic America Mugs collection with 2 products
Iconic America Mugs 2 products 2 Likes  
Maya Torque collection with 11 products
Maya Torque 11 products 3 Likes  
Skinny Maya Torque collection with 4 products
Skinny Maya Torque 4 products    
Agama collection with 2 products
Agama 2 products 2 Likes  
Bee collection with 5 products
Bee 5 products 1 Like  
Parterre collection with 13 products
Parterre 13 products 3 Likes  
Skinny Plain Pave collection with 7 products
Skinny Plain Pave 7 products 1 Like  
Salamander collection with 2 products
Salamander 2 products 1 Like  
Chain collection with 2 products
Chain 2 products    
Evil Eye collection with 7 products
Evil Eye 7 products 2 Likes  
Clover collection with 3 products
Clover 3 products    
Tiger collection with 4 products
Tiger 4 products    
Iconic America collection with 3 products
Iconic America 3 products 1 Like  
Cufflinks collection with 5 products
Cufflinks 5 products    
Christmas Baubles collection with 17 products
Christmas Baubles 17 products    
Christmas Enamels collection with 9 products
Christmas Enamels 9 products    
General Products
Established in 1950 as an emporium of antique gifts in Mayfair, London specialising in 17th century enamelware. We still produce the most exquisite enamelware in England, but as the world has evolved, so has our brand. We are now also known as the destination for luxury gifts, English fine bone china and fashion accessories.